A laboratory in China has produced the most powerful stable magnetic field in the world.
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A laboratory in China has produced the most powerful stable magnetic field in the world.

This super-strong magnet, made of superconductors at low temperatures, uses less electricity.

On August 12, 2022, a high-power hybrid magnet at the Stable High Magnetic Field Facility (SHMFF) in Hefei, China recorded a field strength of 45.22 Tesla (T).

The previous record was set at the MagLab in the US in 1999, which measured a stable magnetic field of 45 T. After 23 years, this record was set by China.

As a "sharp weapon" to promote scientific progress, the world's scientific and technological powers attach great importance to the construction of strong magnetic field experimental conditions. At present, the five international steady-state strong magnetic field laboratories are located in the United States, France, the Netherlands, Japan, and Hefei Science Island in China.

Strong magnetic fields are divided into steady-state strong magnetic fields and pulsed strong magnetic fields, and the generating devices are called steady-state strong magnetic field devices and pulsed strong magnetic field devices respectively. Although the pulsed strong magnetic field can achieve higher magnetic fields, it exists for a short time (on the order of milliseconds).

Steady-state strong magnetic fields, like extremely low temperature and ultra-high pressure, are listed as one of the most important extreme conditions for modern scientific experiments. Under this condition, the properties of matter will be regulated, which will help scientists discover new phenomena of matter and explore new laws of matter. For example, in the study of biological macromolecules closely related to human health, many samples can only be in liquid state, so they can only be studied under the condition of strong magnetic field.