Production process for injection moulded magnets
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At present,with the arrival of summer, injection ferrite is very popular in Southeast Asia market. It mainly used in fan, motor, engine and other fields, do you wonder how it is produced?

Generally speaking,the production process of injection magnet is: raw material - testing - injection molding - removing blank - cooling - testing diameter accuracy - polishing - packaging.After this set of process, the production of injection ferrite is completed.

Next, I will show you our production process in more detail, so that you can learn how to choose a powerful supplier.

1.Raw Material

After the raw materials are purchased, they need to be tested for performance before they can be mass-produced.The specific process is that 

we randomly select a small number of samples for injection processing and then send them to the laboratory for physical performance testing. Only after the product has passed the test can it be mass-produced.

2.Injection Molding - First Injection Molding

Before production, we need to install the corresponding mold. The series and performance requirements of each product are different, so we need engineers to debug the machine. After that, we can do full testing on the first batch of products. Generally, there will be large errors in the first production of products, which need repeated debugging. After the full inspection is passed, we can arrange mass production. Every 2000 pieces of products are produced, we will carry out random inspection on batches of products, and the qualified rate of products should reach 98%.

3.Removing Blank

The product will produce blank after molding by injection molding machine, so it needs to be processed manually.Generally, when just produced, inside and outside the blank is about to be processed in time. Otherwise, temperature reduction will make the product blank hard.And it will be very difficult to remove blank. 


The product comes out of the injection molding machine with high temperature. Generally, the temperature of plastic after plasticizing is about 250℃. It is very troublesome to carry out accuracy test or polishing at high temperature. So it needs to wait for 6-7 hours for cooling.

5. Testing Diameter Accuracy

Since our products are applied in the field of motors, the inner diameter of products needs to be accurate to MM, so as to ensure that our products can be used in motor products normally.


In addition to removing the blank, the product itself is very rough, we need to polish it to maintain the smoothness of the product.

7. Packaging

Generally, our magnetic ring ferrite is packed in 10 pcs, and magnetic isolation safety packaging will be used to ensure that the products can be transported to the United States and ensure the integrity of the products.