Magnet toys
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Today, I'm going to talk about magnet toys with you.

What is magnet toy? Magnet toy is that toys with magnets or magnetic parts. So, Why magnets are used in toys? Because magnetic toys promote spatial thinking. Kids can improve their fine motor skills. Patience and perseverance are encouraged. Then, which type of magnet is usually used in toys? Neodymium magnets, usually tiny spheres, have been made into educational toys, stress relief products, and artistic mediums.


Magnetic toys designed for kids can provide a fun, educational experience. For kids, playing magnet toys is such fun things to do. Magnet toys can teach kids science and increase fine motor development and coordination. Open magnetic toys allow kids to create a variety of works and stimulate their creativity. So when your child wants to buy a toy or engage in a fun activity, encourage them to enjoy the fun activity like playing magnet toys. Magnet toys are funny and easy to play, just act like simple magic! You can imagine that when they are able to magically pack and lift various objects, they will be very happy and proud. Then, let me show you some pictures of our magnet toy, magnet pen, which originated from Canadian designer Andrew Gardner.

The pen is made up of a small set of tubular magnets that automatically stick together to form a tube when placed together, and a complete pen is created when the refill is placed inside.

Is it only a pen? Of course not! Besides being a pen, it is also a very interesting toy. Whether you're at the office, at school or at home, it can be fun. Please check the pictures.


It is really useful and interesting!