Special interview of 2010 domestic tourism fair
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Yunnan has experienced a once-in-a-hundred-year drought. Can the quality of tourism be guaranteed after the drought? After the drought, are the tourist attractions, hotels and restaurants in Yunnan operating normally? What should we pay attention to when traveling to Yunnan? Will traveling to Yunnan bring more troubles and inconvenience to the original drought?

He chikang: in general, I want to say four words, * *, the development of Yunnan tourism, and clearly say that Yunnan tourism water is guaranteed. Why do you say that, although most of the areas in our province suffered from severe drought in a hundred years, which caused serious losses to the industrial and agricultural production of our province, most of the areas with severe drought are poor water conservancy facilities, and are located in mountainous and semi mountainous areas of Yunnan, The main scenic spots in Yunnan are located in the areas with relatively perfect water conservancy facilities and relatively economic development. So far, most scenic spots and Hotel hotels have guaranteed the water consumption. In particular, in recent years, 16 cities in Yunnan have been widely used to reduce their rain. According to the weather forecast, the rainy season in Yunnan is coming soon. Most scenic spots have guaranteed water use. From drought to today, there is no water difficulty in scenic spots and hotels. The original drought has not affected scenic spots and hotels in Yunnan until now, Measures to ensure the quality of tourism are in place. In the face of severe drought, Yunnan Party committees and governments at all levels and tourism industry management departments have taken many measures to resolve the impact of drought and tourism. On the one hand, we should actively increase the maintenance of water conservancy facilities, keep the scenic area open normally and ensure the water consumption of the scenic area; On the other hand, we should actively advocate green and environmental protection tourism and reduce the consumption of water resources. Some hotels and hotels should strengthen water saving and water storage measures, which not only save water but also ensure tourists' water use; On the other hand, the traditional tourism routes are effectively integrated and optimized to avoid inconvenience caused by water consumption. Meanwhile, more quality services are provided to ensure the tourists' enjoyment and enjoyment in Yunnan! Ensure the quality of tourism. So far, tourism authorities at all levels have not received tourist complaints caused by water use. The quality of tourism is guaranteed.