Sichuan's thousands of miles self driving over Beichuan
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Starting from Chengdu, we arrived at Beichuan at noon. We expected to pass through Beichuan and continue to go north. However, as soon as we got to Beichuan County, we saw that the roadside was full of cars. A tall policeman was sweating to direct the traffic and told us that the car couldn't go any further. Listen to passers-by said that Beichuan county can be seen not far ahead. We parked well and walked along with the flow of people. The mountain depression, which is located in the county town, is two or three kilometers ahead of the road. It takes 10 minutes to the fork road to the Resort Resort. It is bright in front of you. A viewing platform is formed at the turning of the road. Beichuan city lies quietly in front of us.

People from all over the world are looking at Beichuan City, which has been completely closed, in order to stand here. The city has been fenced with wire and will become an earthquake museum. Quietly facing the ruins, the smell of death came. Once a beautiful town, it has become a huge grave, buried many living creatures and hopes! The continuous rainstorm at the end of September caused landslides and mudslides again, burying many abandoned houses underground. So it is basically difficult to imagine the shock and fear of the incident, people in the face of natural disasters is so small! The next door to the parking is the original site of Beichuan middle school, which was highly noted after the earthquake. Because it is a place with heavy casualties, the whole ruins have been carefully cleaned up during the search and rescue, but it still presents a terrible memory to people. On one side of the ruins, a pair of young people who should be students' parents are sacrificing their children. In the distance, there are mountains, and the sun shines white light from the clouds and sprinkles on the ruins.

We drove back from Beichuan, and then went to Pingwu County in the north. There are many mud roads along the road. In addition, residents on both sides of the road are rebuilding. Bricks and stones and sand can only be piled up on the road, and the speed of driving is very slow. It wasn't until 11 p.m. to Pingwu County. After a round of traffic in the city, we found Pingwu Hotel, which belongs to the county government, and the natural gas was interrupted by the earthquake, and it has not been restored so far. Therefore, only some rooms supplied by central boiler can have hot water.

**Pingwu Huanglong Sichuan main temple Ruoergai Tangke

After breakfast in the hotel, we visited the Baoen temple. Founded in Ming Dynasty, Baoen temple was organized by local officials and seals. It imitated the Imperial Palace pattern of the capital city. It was large-scale and exquisite in architecture, and survived the cultural revolution. But the earthquake also damaged some walls, and the sky * statue also damaged the leg folding arm. The cultural relics are good. The ticket of 40 yuan is amazing.

It went out of Pingwu to the northwest, and went through Huangshan along the mountain stream road to Huanglong. The elevation increased constantly. The higher point was more than 3000 meters, and the scenery also changed gradually. From the shrub broad-leaved forest and bamboo forest to coniferous forest and abrupt rock landform. The sun was getting stronger and the white clouds were shining so dazzling that they were a good plateau scenery. It is 3 p.m. to reach the main temple of Sichuan Province. After having a simple lunch, I will go to Ruoergai. The road was good. In two hours, Ruoergai was there. A huge sculpture said: the grassland that the nine Grand Marshals of the Republic passed. From Ruoergai County to Tangke Town, there are 60 kilometers left. We want to catch up to the Yellow River of Tangke before sunset. Then, under the clouds of dusk, we are chasing the falling sunset. Because the sky ahead always gives us hope to shine back to light, I asked several times: is the sun going down the mountain?

We were running on Ruoergai grassland like this. When we arrived at Tangke township for special police inspection, the sky was completely dark. I got off to see the signs and there were 12 kilometers left by the Yellow River. When she got to the Yellow River, only a faint ray of light reflected on the water. She was winding quietly on the earth. I needed to adjust the shutter speed of the camera to 1 second to capture the width and tranquility of the moment.

That night, we lived in the hotel in Tangke township. Without hot water, the electric kettle could only burn the water warm for half an hour. The temperature was falling. We washed our feet with warm water, put on all our clothes and lay down. We still couldn't drive the cold of the plateau away.