Prevention of heatstroke in summer travel
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Living in a city, it's not strange to encounter heatstroke. For those tourists who take advantage of their holidays to travel outside, often go hiking and climb mountains, but don't pay attention to heatstroke prevention and heat dissipation, heatstroke often occurs. In unfamiliar tourist areas, understanding the first aid measures after heatstroke can save time without being caught off guard. So how to give first aid to heatstroke in the wild?

People usually enjoy air conditioning in the office, travel outdoors during holidays, and are completely exposed to high temperature environment, strong sun exposure and strong sunlight radiation, which greatly increases the risk of heatstroke. Coupled with long-term exercise, mountaineering and other physical consumption caused by excessive fatigue, if you do not add water in time, in poor ventilation, humid air environment is prone to heatstroke. Generally speaking, the higher the ambient temperature, the more prone to heatstroke. If you work or travel in high temperature environment, you can avoid heatstroke by wearing a hat, replenishing body fluid frequently and keeping the environment ventilated.

When tourists feel sweating, thirsty, dizziness, tinnitus, chest tightness, palpitation, fatigue or body temperature rise under high temperature and hot sun, they need to be careful, because this is likely to be the precursor of heatstroke. Generally speaking, timely treatment at this time, patients generally recover faster. Although these symptoms are not serious, some tourists insist on accompanying in order not to disappoint everyone, which is not advisable. Once transformed into severe heatstroke, the consequences are unimaginable.

When prodromal symptoms appear, the field treatment is relatively simple. Leave the high temperature environment and go to a cool place to rest, but do not move the patient to an air-conditioned room with too low temperature. At the same time, you can use 4 ℃ cold water or alcohol bath, use evaporation to take away heat and help cool down. You can also use ice bags in armpits, thigh roots and other parts to cool down. For sunstroke caused by direct sunlight, it is advisable to cool the head and apply cold compress with ice bag.

Body fluid supplement is another content of heatstroke first aid. It's better to supplement light salt water or cool drinks with salt. Pay attention not to drink only boiled water or distilled water, which may cause ion disorder in the body.

What caught many people off guard was the fainting of heatstroke sufferers. Fainting is not the same as severe heatstroke. Don't panic. In the case of fainting in the presence of breathing and heartbeat, you can press Renzhong, Hegu (hukou position) and other acupoints, and generally wake up in a short time.