Lowering the threshold for personal travel to Japan
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Recently, Japan's Ministry of foreign affairs officially announced that from July 1 this year, it will comprehensively expand the scope of Chinese citizens' application for personal tourist visa to Japan, mainly including expanding the scope of accepting regions, expanding the scope of visa sending agents and expanding the scope of applicants.

A representative of the Beijing Office of the Tourism Bureau of the Japanese government, Mr. Fukumura, said that the new policy has expanded the scope of the acceptance area. From the original Japanese Embassy in Beijing, the Consulate General of the Shanghai, and the autonomous region of the Consulate General of Guangzhou, the autonomous region extended to the entire Chinese mainland, including the Consulate General of Chongqing, the Consulate General of Qingdao, the Consulate General of Shenyang and the Dalian office. In other words, after July this year, all Japanese consulates general will accept individual tourist visa applications. In addition, we have expanded the scope of the agent from 48 travel agencies originally limited to Beijing, Shanghai, Jiangsu, Zhejiang, Guangzhou and Shenzhen to 290 travel agencies nationwide.

The more important point is to expand the range of applicants. After the implementation of the new policy, people with certain credit ability can apply for personal travel visa for themselves and their relatives within three generations, or for relatives within two generations who travel alone. A certain credit ability here refers to the ability to have a stable job and hold international credit card or equivalent. It is understood that the gold card application conditions of several international credit card companies are about 5000 yuan per month.

Kashiwagi Takaku said that in September 2000, the Chinese mainland tour group arrived in Tokyo and opened a tourist channel for Sino Japanese folk exchanges. In the past 10 years, the number of visitors from China to Japan has increased steadily. After breaking through the one million mark in 2008, the number of foreigners visiting Japan dropped by 19% in 2009, and the Chinese market still maintained a growth rate of nearly 1%, becoming a growing area of Japanese foreign tourists under the global economic crisis.