Exit tips: the Tourism Administration suggests to postpone traveling to Jamaica
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According to the website of the National Tourism Administration, there was a riot in Kingston, the capital of Jamaica. The National Tourism Administration issued an emergency travel reminder, asking Chinese tourists to postpone their travel to Jamaica.

The National Tourism Administration's travel tips said that the riots in Kingston had impacted several overseas Chinese shops. At present, no casualties have been reported. The Chinese Embassy in Jamaica has made representations to the dental police, asking them to take practical measures to ensure the personal and property safety of Chinese citizens in Jamaica.

The National Tourism Administration reminds Chinese tourists to pay close attention to the situation in Jamaica and postpone their travel to the country; The Chinese tourists who have been in Jamaica should raise their awareness of prevention, stay away from the crowded places such as gatherings, processions and demonstrations in the closed area of the government, strengthen their own security, and report to the police in time in case of emergency and contact the Chinese Embassy in Jamaica.

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The death toll of drug traffickers in Jamaica rises to 31

Police in Jamaica said Monday that 31 people, including 28 civilians and 3 members of the security forces, have been killed in a riot in Kingston, the capital of Jamaica, over the extradition of drug lords to the United States for trial, Taiwan's United News Network reported.

Last week, Jamaican Prime Minister Golding, under pressure from the United States, agreed to extradite Kirk, a member of Jamaica's parliament, to New York for trial.

In the evening of 22, US personnel arrived in Kingston by US military plane to meet people. A large number of Kirk supporters rushed to the streets the next day, shooting indiscriminately and setting fire to the police station. The Jamaican authorities were forced to declare a state of emergency in the capital.

Kirk is still at large.

The conflict between Jamaican security forces and supporters of the drug lord Christopher Koch entered * * days on the 24th. The unrest in Jamaica is on the rise.

Jamaican military and police exchanged fire with supporters of cork in West Kingston on the 24th. Military helicopters with machine guns can be seen hovering over Kingston from time to time, and security forces have also been attacked on the southeast coast of Kingston. Jamaican police said on the same day that two policemen have been killed and six others injured since the police exchanged fire with supporters of cork on the afternoon of the 23rd.

The Jamaican government has announced that a state of emergency will be implemented in Kingston and St. Andrew for a period of one month from the 23rd.

Christopher Kirk is listed as one of the more dangerous drug lords in the world by the United States. Last August, the U.S. Justice Department submitted an application to the Jamaican government for the extradition of Kirk. Jamaica initially rejected the U.S. request, but under pressure from all parties, Jamaican Prime Minister Bruce Golding agreed to the extradition request last week. Since then, thousands of supporters of cork gathered in the capital, Kingston, and attacked several police stations on the afternoon of the 23rd.