The conflict between Pakistan and Israel has made tourists flock to the tourist population
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Since the end of the great Palestinian uprising in 2005, the security situation in the Palestinian Israeli region has improved year by year. According to the latest data of Israel's Ministry of tourism, from January to April this year, Israel received 1.06 million tourists, a record high. The increase in the number of tourists to Israel has also increased the number of tourists to Palestinian tourist attractions in the West Bank. In addition to the regular attractions, "Palestine Israel conflict Tour" seems to attract tourists.

Religious belief decides to visit the passageway

Hebron is only 40 kilometers away from Jerusalem. Because it is the place where Abraham, the Jewish ancestor, bought land to bury his wife, it has become a holy land shared by Judaism, Christianity and Islam.

When entering the cemetery of sages, Jews need to enter the special entrance from the exclusive street under the custody of the Israeli army, while Muslims can enter the Muslim special passage from other areas of the old city. In order to avoid attacks, all people are subject to security checks by Israeli soldiers before entering the cemetery. Tourists without religious beliefs are relatively free and can visit both sides.

Visitors can enter the old city of Hebron directly through another security channel outside the cemetery. In the old city, we often meet Arab teenagers who are amateur tour guides to earn tips. These little guides will quickly lead tourists up the steep steps to the Jewish settlement. They also like to point out to tourists the water collection devices deliberately damaged by the Israelites. Of course, they need to judge whether they are real or not. This can be called the local "special tour" project.